I was first introduced to Adobe Premiere, now Adobe Premiere Pro, when I took a course on visual effects at Exceptional Minds. Premiere Pro is a computer program very similar to AfterEffects, although Premiere Pro differs greatly in function. Premiere Pro specializes more in video and film editing.

When I took a motion graphics course at Exceptional Minds during the summer of 2019, I learned about compiling footage and adding crossfades for transitions between different videos, along with adding dust scratches and vignettes to give my mosh pit retro production an actual retro film vibe, and more. What was super interesting was learning how to make all the typography zoom into the camera frame before shaking in the center for a short period of time and then enlarging the text and making it fade completely, along with the timeliness, in terms of how fast the text would zoom in and out. Plus, in a certain segment of the mosh pit retro footage towards the beginning, there is a moment when the first piece of the compiled footage enlarges towards the camera while transitioning to the footage of the guy jumping off the stage into the crowd. That first piece of footage was placed on a layer above the second piece of footage along with the rest of the footage, so that when it would zoom out and fade, there would be footage underneath instead of just a black background.

There were a lot of cool effects I was able to experiment with in my motion graphics demo reel. Inside the reel were three complied pieces of actual video footage, along with a short animation of my name being written with a saber towards the beginning, which I think was created with a saber plugin, although I do not exactly remember. In some of the footage in the reel, there are moments where the text, or partially transparent images used to create an image mask, can be seen matted with a track matte key so that the video would play only inside the matted text and transparent areas of the partially transparent images.

Anyway, I am super thankful for having the opportunity to take a course on motion graphics at Exceptional Minds, and I would absolutely be interested in taking this course again or something similar to learn more!