No Limits 2

Avalanche, the first coaster I built in the program 1 Avalanche, the first coaster I built in the program 2 Avalanche, the first coaster I built in the program 3 Avalanche, the first coaster I built in the program 4

No Limits 2 is a 3D roller coaster simulation program that allows you to build your own roller coasters and amusement parks and experience it all yourself! Plus you can download custom scenery objects like rocks, trees, fences, or anything that you would normally see at an amusement park that you would want to put in your park to look more realistic.

I started using No Limits 2 on my dad’s Windows computer when it first came out in 2014, until I eventually stepped away and stopped using dad’s machine, which ultimately led him to completely remove the program. After I graduated high school in 2017, I was given my very own personal Intel gaming laptop from Razer prior to attending college. It was not until the Spring semester of my third year of college when I took an online course on 3D modeling, which eventually sparked interest into downloading No Limits 2 once again. For several years now, I have watched countless YouTube videos that people have uploaded of their own roller coasters and amusement parks that they created in No Limits 2, which were inspiring and absolutely intriguing. During unprecedented times like now when I cannot regularly attend an amusement park, I thought, “why not just create one of my own?” No Limits 2 is my other virtual world that I enjoy exploring whenever I have free time.

It took me some time to regain familiarity with the program which I had not used in a very long time, which led me to discover a group server on Discord for No Limits Central, where I could seek some advice. In case you wonder what No Limits Central is, it is an online website for No Limits 2 content that has a forum, as well as a section where you can upload and download content from other No Limits 2 users like parks, custom scenery objects, and more for the program.

I was eventually encouraged to buy and download 3D modeling software programs like SketchUp and Blender to create various custom scenery objects for my creations inside No Limits 2. Right now I feel like I am absolutely a much better roller coaster designer and builder than I was when I first used the program, and that my attention to detail has improved. I am proud I pushed myself to try new things with the program that seemed a bit challenging at first, such as adding scripts to rides, adding actual custom scenery objects to my parks, and more.