ZBrush is a 3D sculpting software that I learned at Exceptional Minds during the summer of 2019. Basically, what ZBrush does is that it allows you to sculpt whatever you want from a basic polygon, for instance a sphere, with something as simple as a brush. The program comes with lots of brush types that can be used for certain features. Not only can the brushes be used for coloring your 3d model, they can even be used for applying textures to your 3d model such as a roughness texture, which can clearly be seen in my dinosaur model.

My ZBrush creations that can be seen in the videos below consist of a dinosaur, the main character from the album cover for Sleeping With Sirens’ sixth studio album How It Feels to Be Lost, and an orca, or killer whale. One of the videos below, which is a fan-created promo for the album, features a snippet of the album’s opening track “Leave It All Behind”. The promo shows typography visuals of the band’s new logo, album title and release date, along with a visual of the logo for Sumerian Records, all of which happen while the model is revolving. The fire effects were obtained from a vault on the computers at Exceptional Minds that consists of tons of visual effects for various projects. Please note that this video was edited and finalized using Adobe Premiere.

I specifically wanted the theming behind the dinosaur reel to be aggressive and attention-grabbing. I knew that the reel itself would already create that kind of vibe aside from listening to the soundtrack from Slipknot and watching the speed of how fast the model would complete its revolutions, all from just simply looking at the dinosaur and examining its physical features like its talons, horns, sharp teeth, and spikes along its back up to its tail.

For the orca, I knew that I wanted the vibe to be less aggressive than the dinosaur and a bit more relaxing. From just looking at the model itself, in terms of how sleek and more simplistic the orca is compared to the dinosaur which has various coloring, roughness textures and is a lot more detailed, as well as the timing of the revolutions and the soundtrack, it already creates a more chill vibe.